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About Sweet Oil Cannabis Social Club

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What we offer

relaxing sofas

Relaxing Atmosphere

A secure place where is allowed to smoke weed in legality
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Socialize with friends

It’s easy to meet new people with similar interests within a CSC
high quality weed

Taste high quality weed

We have a wide marijuana dispensary, full of indica and sativa strains

About our club

SweetOil Cannabis Club is a non-profit organization which main objective is to reduce the health and social risks inherent within the black market, by producing different varieties of high quality cannabis without contaminants, and exclusively distribute among the members of our Association.

SweetOil Cannabis Social Club is a Spanish dispensary of marijuana where members, whom must be older than 18 years, can gather, socialize and exchange personal experiences and knowledge among people associated, while consuming recreational or medical marijuana.

Where are we?

Barcelona City Center

SweetOil Cannabis Social Club is located in Barcelona in the heart of Eixample Quarter, a blend of Catalan tradition and modern style.

The Neighborhood

Eixample is the second largest district, occupying the city center of Barcelona. A wonderful neighborhood, where you can find Sweet Oil Cannabis Club.

Pubblic Transports

Sweet Oil Cannabis Club is closed to the main public transport stations, like Placa de España, Sant Antoni and Rocafort.

CSC Legislation

Legislation on Cannabis Social Clubs is set up to protect the rights of cannabis consumers and producers and help establish cannabis policies that benefit society as a whole, providing a secure and private space where legally smoke marijuana.

CSC Myths and Facts

There are also many misconceptions and myths surrounding Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona, but members know that there are certain things that are not allowed to do within a Spanish marijuana dispensary.


Carrer de Sepulveda, 65
08015 Barcelona, Spain

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Open Hours

Monday – Saturday: 10am – 11pm
Saturday: 11am – 11pm

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