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Cannabis Club Barcelona

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About Sweet Oil CSC
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Sweet Oil Cannabis Club Barcelona is a private club where registered members can consume Cannabis for medical and recreational purposes.

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Members of Sweet Oil CSC find a discreet peaceful environment in Barcelona, a place where socialize, meet new people, meditate and medicate.

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The Cannabis Club is located in the wonderful city of Barcelona, in the heart of Gracìa Quarter, a blend of Catalan tradition and modern style.

Cannabis Club Barcelona

What is a CSC?

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Cannabis Social Clubs in Barcelona and Spain are private entities and are based on a non-profit organization.

The monetary donations made by the same members enable the Cannabis Club to provide marijuana inflorescence and other products, that can be consumed in the facility.

To join a cannabis club is necessary to follow a process of registration,
which can not be done if the applicant does not have an official invitation.
Anyone who will show up at the door of a CSC without this mandatory requirement,
will not be welcomed.


Barcelona Cannabis Social Clubs are a non-profit association aim to generate legal employment and produce goods and services in a taxable way.

Open dialogue with authorities

Cannabis Club Barcelona operates according to the legal, political and cultural standards in the country in which it is established.

Public health oriented

A Cannabis Social Club provides information about safe and responsible use of cannabis and provide members with factual information on marijuana use.


Cannabis Club Barcelona Associations are legally registered associations and maintain a record of their annual activities, easily accessible by members of the club or authorities.

Supply follows demand

Cannabis Social Clubs only use methods of cultivation in order to meet the demand of the members, not vice versa

Medical Marijuana in Barcelona

The spreading culture of Cannabis Club in Barcelona is taking the city to the next level in terms of Medical Marijuana treatments.

So, only members of a Barcelona Cannabis Club can have access to a variety of ways of consumption and can find an effective therapy for several conditions.

Our Cannabis Club offers information about consumption methods and correct dosage for different specific health conditions,  according to the last findings on medical marijuana.

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Recreational Cannabis, What about it?

This term refers to a consumption of cannabis without any specific therapeutic reason.
Read some about recreational marijuana and its history.

If you wish to join a cannabis club in Barcelona, you need an invitation.

There are requirements to be satisfied to obtain an invitation and join a cannabis club in Barcelona.

Click here to read the official Code of Conduct for European Cannabis Social Clubs.

Our Members Reviews

  • review rating 5  Love this place! If you're in Barcelona and smoke, then this is the club for you. It's nice and chilled in there, the staff (even with a slight language barrier) are very helpful, especially when picking out your poison. In all you couldn't ask for more out of the place, music playing, videos on a few screens dotted around the place, pool table, foosball and comfy as hell chairs and sofas.. Just go and enjoy your time there (:

    thumb Ray Morris
  • review rating 5  Very nice cafe has alot of selection of the best so don’t forget to bring ID to join for membership or else you will be walking again. Two floors Two vibes Basement has pool table Nice seating and cozy Music is class

    thumb Naz Senna
  • review rating 5  After I was going to few social clubs as a first time visitor in Barcelona i was very disappointed they were rude at the desk and told me that I need to by invited by someone who's a member of the club. How? I'm new in Barcelona , I don't know anyone I just want to chill out. Then I went to Sweet Oil and it was absolutely different from the first second . I was very welcome and the guy at the desk helped me how to get invitation on their website etc.etc. The atmosphere is nice ,the place is well designed and the quality is absolutely TOP! I love your Candy Kush ! Worth to visit ! Thanks for a great experience!!!

    thumb Adonisz Latyak
  • review rating 5  Good stuff and staff. Best place in town to relax.

    thumb Lucas Orecchia
  • review rating 5  Moo e ci je, alt ka vtond Ind dow e t scurd t tutt cos, trop bell wagliu l'erv je a svno

    thumb Giuseppe Albergo

Where we are

Notice: Members Only!

Anyone who will show up at the cannabis club without an official invitation will not be accepted!

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Cannabis Club Legislation

Consult the proper section if you wish to have information about the Legislation surrounding Barcelona Cannabis Clubs

CSC Legislation